In the Czech Republic, the tendency is to stay home with the child as long as possible. However, this tendency is not common in other European countries. In other European countries, it is not common for women to take maternity leave for 3-4 years and still receive child care benefits.
Paid maternity leave is a really big bonus that is not at all common in other European countries, and we have a lot to be really grateful for.
For example, women in France have a very short period of so-called maternity leave:
In our country, employers keep mothers on the job for three years, whereas in France it is only six months. If a woman chooses to stay longer with her child, which is her right, she will then probably have to find a new job.
novorozený chlapec

Network of quality services
On the other hand, France has an extensive network of early childhood services. While daycare centers are currently quite exceptional in this country, they are commonplace in France. The rhythm of work is different in France. People are not so stressed. So the worry about how to deal with the baby is not relevant at all.”
“The baby is not a child, it\’s a child.
In France, apart from day care centers, mothers often use au pairs. These young women want to learn a beautiful language, familiarize themselves with the French lifestyle and culture, and earn money by babysitting. Many Czech women travel to the UK, but it is not widely known that domestic babysitters are equally active in France.
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At home with children or not

Whether or not to stay home with children is a topic of endless debate. Young children may not care. Mothers in particular may find that they are missing out on something very important in life. Making money is important and should be a priority, especially when one is paying off a mortgage. Mothers should not be influenced by trends. A mother should always be guided by her own needs and abilities and, most importantly, by her child\’s personality. While the first child may easily fit into daycare, the second child may have difficulty adjusting to even kindergarten.