November 17 is approaching, the day to celebrate the fall of the communist regime. As is customary these days, there will once again be many demonstrations. They will oppose this and that, but especially the current government and its prime minister. The organizers, especially some naive participants, will again loudly demand democracy, or rule of the people, and will not mind the logical contradiction that the majority of the population supports the current government. In general, these revolutionary aspirants are not good at logic.

Protest v Polsku

However, in this article I want to deal primarily with another phenomenon. Of course, it is often supported and carried out by the same people who go to the demonstrations. What I want to deal with are the disadvantaged, and how they are actually discriminated against and supported: in an unnamed article on FB, one disabled girl complained that there is terrible discrimination here because no one wants to hire her, despite the fact that she has a college degree. I was struck by the fact that she complained that there was To summarize, this girl is really in poor health, her mobility is greatly limited, she cannot do any physical labor, and she cannot write or speak normally because part of her arm is paralyzed. From that point of view, she is really struggling.

But of course, he is not suffering from material deprivation, as he receives a full disability pension and comes from a very well-off family. In this respect, he is fortunate compared to many other disabled persons. What I am wondering is why he cannot understand why he cannot find work. After all, that is why he is getting a disability pension. Why does he think it has nothing to do with discrimination? After all, due to the nature of her limitations, she can do very little. Compared to other able-bodied people, she did almost nothing in school, yet she got the same degree as those who had to do assignments.
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The problem is that public institutions whose job description is to fight discrimination against persons with disabilities, for example, will look for discrimination even where it does not exist so that funding from the state budget does not dry up. They have to create discrimination because discrimination is not enough for all those who fight against it. And what disgusts me is when, like this disabled girl, those involved are not only persuaded that their disability is nothing to be ashamed of and not their fault, but that it is the fault of the able-bodied, that the able-bodied are actually abnormal and therefore act as if she is perfectly normal and that someone else is doing her The only way to help the healthy person is to persuade her that she must be given the kind of work that someone else has to do for her. Thus education and assistance degenerate into emotional blackmail, lying and twisting the truth.