In the past, popular music was born in a garage. Bands of rock and metal, outsiders with original and unique styles, who were in it for the music, not for the money. And in the end, they had money and fame. Because people loved them for their differences, their originality, and what they represented. Even if what they represented was different for everyone.

Today is different. You can start in a garage and become the devil himself, but where you end up is the garage. Today\’s music is essentially manufactured. How?
Jde o peníze

About a thousand young people are invited. Individuals or a small group of good looking people are chosen. It doesn\’t matter if they can sing, especially if they are beautiful, if they sing something, that\’s a bonus. Then they are invited to the studio. They sing the songs they\’re offered. Even if it\’s fake, like a nickel, the computer can handle it. Basically, all you do is talk and the computer does the rest. That\’s not all. Have you also noticed how similar some of the songs are? Has someone run out of inspiration?

And yet, young, mostly unknown artists continue to emerge with original songs, voices, looks, and life philosophies. Unfortunately, they often remain unknown. Today\’s market doesn\’t want that, it just wants a catchy, fast song that stays on the radio for two weeks, money is transferred to the “producer” of the song in question, and a few weeks later another audition is held for a new “star.”
Malý zpěvák

Maybe that\’s why we remember KISS, Madonna, Alice Cooper, or even David Bowie. The outrage over Madonna\’s “Like a Virgin” video was so great that it basically changed the times. Singing about sex and exposing herself to the camera? Unimaginable! The band KISS influenced another part of youth with their make-up and performances featuring fireworks and a blood-spitting Gene Simmons.

Consider four singers and bands that started something incredible and new.