Remembering last year\’s Christmas spent with the whole family at the cottage, we are sure to smile again this year. The pile of presents under the tree attracts children the most. And every Christmas, eight of them gather at the cottage. There are 10 adults, so we have to set the Christmas table for 18 people. We have to think of gifts for all of them. If possible, it should be something that they would enjoy. This is because the ages of the Christmas guests range from 4 to 86 years old.
vstupenky na koncerty
After much thought, you finally find a solution. You give your loved ones an experience under the tree. And last year, the ski championships were held at a nearby ski resort, so you gave everyone a gift envelope from Santa and tickets to the event. Sure, if the envelope did not say what the person would get if they had the money, we had to listen to some funny comments. But the end effect was perfect when everyone gathered for the championships and cheered on the race skiers for three days.
papírová vstupenka
This year you plan to present a cultural experience. You have secured accommodations in the capital city, so all you have to do is choose between a concert or a theater performance for your Christmas gift certificate. In the end, you decide on the second option. A hilarious play performed at the National Theatre. This would be a surprise for both the children and the adults. There is only one thing left to do. Find a suitable date that suits everyone. And it will be done.

New Year\’s Eve morning is exactly the right time for the whole family to visit the theater. Plus, it doesn\’t disrupt the work schedule. Elementary school kids are off this time of year, too.

After confirming your order and sending the money for the tickets, a stone falls from your heart. There is nothing like the joy of a well-chosen gift for the whole family. As an added bonus, you even begin to wonder if you could arrange a minibus to take you to the capital.