It is not easy to answer the question in the title. Unless, of course, you are young and asking yourself about yourself and others like you. For, what do we older people really know about today\’s youth?
Suddenly, we think of the young as our ancestors thought of us. But however similar they may be, they are certainly not the same. That is because, after all, there is a gap of a generation or two. And it is hard to imagine that young people think the same way we did when we were young. Because of the social conditions, the opportunities, the challenges, and the various constraints, whether thanks to democracy or not.
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Thus, it is easy to dismiss young people simply because they have rebelled against our values more than once. But let\’s face it. We were once just as rebellious and defiant. The only difference is that we had Karel Krill and similar “subversives” as role models, whereas today\’s youth have …… Who are they using as role models? Who do they follow, what do they want to say, what do they want to change? Frankly, I don\’t know.
And perhaps to find out, they brought me at least one statistic about how today\’s young generation thinks. What do young people in their twenties, who no longer remember “what happened last time,” think about corporate leadership positions?
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and it is quite interesting. This is sad from the perspective of those of us who were often instilled with very different values when we were young and adhere to them to this day.
Who among us who grew up as we once did would not be chilled by being told that it is rare for a young person to believe that education and intelligence will enable him or her to attain a higher position? Just take a look at …… Our time was not much different. Emotional intelligence was less important, rather the legitimacy of the red party was more important than education.
In the opinion of young people, a better leader is one who has broad experience in more than one field, rather than an expert only in his own field. But …… In fact, it was the same in our time, for example, the ideal was the ant feld who could do any job.
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And it may seem novel to our elders that young people want to be at the top of a company within one to six years of starting a job. We older people, on the other hand, are accustomed to being “under the radar” for a lifetime.
So I did a little research on young people. A little. And what I read did nothing to allay my fears. More than once, I kept saying in my mind, “You are going to starve! I\’m going to starve to death!” And. But eventually I would always settle down again. That\’s because I am sure our ancestors said the same thing. And look at us now