Computers rule the world today, not only in gaming but also in work. So are computers really the best solution? Its remarkable advantage is undoubtedly its variability. Computers can be used not only for gaming, but also for work and school. 7] In terms of practicality, they are a better solution than gaming consoles. You have the option of buying an already assembled PC or going on an adventure and building your own. Also, don\’t forgetprice, where it can be cheaper to build your own PC than to buy a finished one, but this is not always the case; one of the disadvantages of building your own PC is the higher technical skill and time demands. In other words, building your own PC may not be as convenient, but it is definitely worth considering.11] hráč u počítače

These days, you can play games on a laptop, and the ability to carry it around as needed is definitely an advantage However, they are not as powerful as desktop PCs. However, their performance is less than that of desktop computers, again depending on the brand and the configuration chosen. The downside, however, is that notebooks do not offer many upgrade options for graphics cards or processors. So before you buy, it is a good idea to ask the question: “Do I really need to take the computer with me?” [If you don\’t know the answer to that question, look for a desktop PC.
Finally, consoles Solid state consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation are definitely a great solution for avid gamers. Consoles are a much more convenient solution than computers. Interestingly, there are many exclusive games available on consolesthat PC gamers will not play. As for controls, people prefer console controllers or keyboard and mouse.
ovladače Xbox, PlayStation
Another category is portableconsolessuch as the Nintendo Switch. Its potential definitely lies in its portability. It is definitely suitable for gamers who want to play on the go. While it usually falls short of regular home consoles in terms of performance, it offers a truly wide range of games. The screen and short battery life may be a drawback, but they are usually sufficient.
And why not do both at the same time?
Origin came up with this idea in 2009 with the Big O, which consists of a PC and an Xbox 360. The prototype presented last year included an Xbox One, a PS4, and of course a PC with the best components, plus a dock for a Nintendo Switch. This giant gaming console was never released, but a scaled-down version of it was. So now you can choose from a combination of a PC and an Xbox One S or a PS4 Pro. However, since it is a special product, it costs a little extra. The basic model costs approximately 70,000 CZK.