Adultery is a frequently mentioned topic in partner relationships. There is no doubt about the negative impact of infidelity on relationships. However, both parties often disagree on what is already adultery and what does not yet constitute adultery.
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There is a very general clash of views here. On the one hand, some argue that there is no need to make a big deal out of a single kiss. On the other side, some would argue that friends don\’t stick their tongues down each other\’s throats, but lovers do. Therefore, what is important is the type of kiss. The second important question is with whom you kiss. After all, one must approach the situation differently if there is a fleeting kiss between your loved one and his longtime friend, and vice versa, often with a stranger who clearly has evil intentions.
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Infidelity via cell phone or the Internet

Also often discussed is the approach to infidelity conducted solely in the online reality. Many people do not consider seduction or lustful provocation via email or chat to be harmful, let alone adultery. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you ask your partner about this topic without offence. What is important is mutual agreement. Neither of you can argue about how the other has established the relationship.

Match your partner

Ideally, the issue of differing perceptions of infidelity should be resolved before such a situation arises. Therefore, try to have a quiet conversation with your spouse about this topic, preferably over a glass of wine one evening when you both have time and room. The most often recommended approach is to consider and accommodate your partner\’s views. You don\’t want to hurt your partner, and you know best what is hurtful to your partner. So here is some advice that can solve almost anything in a relationship. Listen to what your partner is saying and accept it.