You have a baby or toddler at home and can\’t wait to communicate with him/her without guessing what he/she might want to communicate with his/her surroundings. Maybe even before he started talking. How is it possible? Thanks to the signs for toddlers. 

rodina[14 Such as “No “,” Goodbye ” or send a kiss. Sign this ” Vocabulary ” Enrich. The child can talk with you and other family members not only about what he needs, but also about what he is interested in. 

You think one day he will start talking, so why sign, I already have little time for everything. Yes, you can also say that climbing is not necessary when the child starts walking anyway, but it is an intermediate step that will greatly help in the next milestone. Let\’s talk about the advantages of branding.


  1. You know it “ehmbla”” you want a drink.You know it “ehmbla”” You know it “ehmbla”” you want a drink. Please ” roar. “Well, na you have it, and you must be thirsty for food.” Roar.
  2. Communication Development
    • By knowing exactly what your baby is showing you (for example, a baby, not a car), you are turning more attention to you and, as is known, children are interested in nature. This increases their vocabulary, even if they don\’t speak that much.
  3. Strengthen Bonds
    • The child can rely on being understood, you can have a dialogue, the tense situation between you will be less because of misunderstanding. Thus, you strengthen the interrelationship.
  4. Bonus: Higher IQ
    • Studies have shown that children who sign have an IQ that is tens of points higher in the school year.

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The signature is not new, in America this activity with children is very normal, and in our country it is not only very popular, but also carrying children, carrying children, etc. contact parenting.If you are interested in this topic, whether it is a book, course, seminar or inspiration on social networks, you will certainly find one that suits you.