There\’s a lot going on, but I don\’t know which news to read first. Go ahead and take care of the household, functioning normally and at least having a moment to yourself. No wonder psychologists have been busy lately. On the one hand, we have much greater conveniences like dryers and robotic vacuum cleaners than our previous generations, but on the other hand, we ask us are they really being developed or are you assigning them to yourself?

Digital Detox

The greatest gluttony of the time is undoubtedly social networking and Internet surfing. But to make matters worse, another negative effect that an incredible amount of information is rolling down on you and that your head can swallow very quickly is comparison. I\’m sure you know the perfect character on Instagram. How to get rid of it? Set aside time to read your messages twice a day and check your e-mail, and at least an hour before bed to check your phone, TV, and phone.


But what about without a phone or how to calm the mind?

It may take some time to get used to the new mode. At first, you can even get a little nervous. But if you take a little pleasure in it, you will see how good you are. And what will be all that?

Night meditation

The idea of having to sit in a Turkish sitting position for 1 hour is no longer valid. All you need is 10 minutes. Feel comfortable, sit or lie down with your eyes closed. Focus on your breath. Breathe in – exhale. At first, it is natural to have thoughts, but just let them pass, that is, do not pay attention to them. Take a breath. Quietly imagine being in a quiet place, in a forest, on the beach, in a wooden log cabin and resting there. 

vana relax


Fill your bath, light scented candles, and start reading books and genres freely. We know how smells affect our senses. For stress, roses, grapefruit, chamomile and eucalyptus are best. Focus on the book and relax. Do not despair or be angry with yourself, even if you do not immediately make changes. Everything takes time, so be kind to each other and reward yourself for each piecemeal step (for example, caramel cake from the candy store on the other side).