Divorce is not only about the spouses themselves, but also about property, especially children, together. Whatever the reason for the divorce, above all, it should be peaceful and without unnecessary arguments or disturbances. This is because children, who are often treated like millstones between their parents, will bear the brunt of it. How can we make divorce as easy as possible for our children?

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Make an agreement

Agree among yourselves how you will act in front of the children and what you will say to them before you go out telling them the truth. Do not let the children know about the divorce until it is certain. Children\’s souls are sensitive and what you say during an argument can hurt them. In addition, older children may use these things against you. You should also agree on who the children will live with after the divorce and how you want to do things afterwards.
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Explain this to the children together

Sit down with them and explain the situation. Try to keep your emotions in check and do not really argue, cry, or blame the other person in front of the children. They should try to explain to the children why they are divorcing and that they need not worry about seeing their parents or grandparents. It is important that children who are losing one of life\’s certainties have a vision for the future and not live in anxiety.

Do not influence the children

Do not try to win their favor to your side, even if you are divorced and in conflict. Influencing children is the worst thing you can do. It will only mess with the children\’s heads and, at worst, will result in exacerbating the divorce.
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Do not seek approval

Do not deny contact between the children and the other parent unless there is a compelling reason. Prohibition could result in the child running away from home. Also, the child has the right to have access to both parents, and the parents\’ inability to agree with each other is the parents\’ problem, not the child\’s.