What about you and games? I think people play games all the time, and that is not just an assumption. I once went to a lecture by a teacher who talked about how people had been playing games since much earlier in history. How children were playing. He talked about toys and games throughout history. The teacher told us that even in the 10th century there were very interesting and practical games. He also told me that earlier children played not only with sticks but also with stones. And he said that young children could have fun with something completely different. For example, they could play with leaves. I could not even imagine children playing with leaves by themselves. Is such a thing possible? I can\’t imagine it at all. And perhaps it is because we humans living in this world have become so spoiled and pampered.

Holčičky rády tančí.

I, for example, cannot imagine my son playing with leaves and stones. However, it is a fact that times are moving on. And it is reasonable that everything changes with the world and the times. Of course, not only toys and clothes are different, but also the way we play. Also, the way people think is different now, and we cannot take everything as bad or exaggerated, as it was in the past and it is different now. Everything is like that. So it stands to reason that not only the way children think, but also the way they play and the way they play is changing. And I don\’t mind that at all. I think everything changes

Malování je zábava.

I mean, not everything. I think the beauty of the game lies in the way it is played. Don\’t you agree? I know a lot of games that kids today have forgotten or don\’t know at all. How about the eraser game? Do you remember that? Or maybe marbles? My grandfather used to play with marbles and he taught me too. I loved hearing stories about how my grandfather played back then, and how he and his brothers kept track of everything, like how they played soccer, for example. It was interesting.