Tired of endlessly hand-washing piles of plates, cups, and cutlery in the sink? It can be a time-consuming and annoying task, especially after a party or family gathering, and you often have no energy left after the event.
Are you giddy when you are billed for the particularly high water usage resulting from washing dishes in the sink? Why bother doing what appliances can do? Let\’s put an end to hand washing, as more than half of us do. Thisconclusion comes from a surveyconducted in 2013.


Washing dishes in the sink
Perfectly clean dishes
I want perfectly clean dishes, polished and shining glasses and cutlery. No more washing dishes, scrubbing pots and pans covered in food scraps, or wiping and polishing dishes. The dishwasher does it all.
When choosing a dishwasher,

  • Size
  • When choosing a dishwasher, first determine its size. would need a wider one.

  • Noise
  • Also consider choosing a low-noise dishwasher, especially if it is within easy reach of your bedroom or the baby\’s sleeping room. In that case, it can operate quietly without problems, even at night.
  • Programs and Functions

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You will also appreciate a wider choice of programs so that you can match the amount of dirt you want to clean your dishes with the amount of time you need to clean them. Some of the additional features include a soak-and-wash function.

Is the dishwasher stand-alone?
Are you faced with the choice of purchasing a built-in dishwasher or a stand-alone dishwasher? First of all, it should be noted that both types can be equally functional. Therefore, this is purely a design choice. It depends on whether you want the dishwasher to blend into your kitchen or not. [Built-in dishwashers are a common solution when completely remodeling a kitchen or designing a single-family home. Stand-alone models are more suitable when they can be transported when moving, for example, to a rented apartment.