If people were more interested in politics as well, they might learn that politics doesn\’t necessarily have to be bad. But many people think that politics really is the worst of all worlds. Do you think so too? In my opinion, this is really very unfortunate. If people were also educated to know what politics is and what it is not, it would obviously be better. How else can you explain, for example, that so many people are interested in politics? Why is this so? It is primarily to help people understand why politics and how things work in the political world.

Ne všichni se kvůli politice hádají.

If there were no politics, I am sure the world would be a sad place. Or who would be running this country? Believe me, it is really very difficult. It is not easy to run a country and that is why we have a prime minister and we have a government. If people talked more about politics, didn\’t argue, and just voiced their opinions in general, I think the story would be different. In our republic, people must always debate. They must insist that one of them is right. Just to knock each other down, but why?

Nejlepší je se dohodnout.

Why do people have to argue just because they have different views on politics? Believe it or not, a lot of people are absolutely nervous about this and everyone feels sorry for it. In my opinion, this is a real shame. I don\’t understand why so many people want to discuss politics alone when it may have nothing to do with them. For example, they have no family or friends, so why would they argue over a complete stranger? Believe it or not, it\’s pointless. We\’ll see in the future, and maybe they\’ll stop fighting about politics altogether. After all, it\’s pointless and puts an unnecessary strain on the brain.