Probably no one missed the fact that the third presidential election has taken place. Unlike the previous two elections, this time there were a series of attacks from citizens who supported one candidate against the other to the point of hysteria. It is difficult to say why there were so many aggressive attacks against groups with differing political opinions, but it was clear from the discussions on the Internet that society is becoming more radicalized. And that is not a good thing.

volební urna

Everyone has different opinions, which is fine. But is it really necessary to insult and threaten each other to the point of disgust just because we disagree? The choice is made in the spirit of fear of war. One candidate has been accused of not wanting to go to war. But our Prime Minister has been declaring to the media for a year that we are going to war, and is that OK ……? No one in all five states wants to go to war. And the concern about war breaking out on our soil is entirely valid. People don\’t even agree on this issue anymore, and many people are dealing with a keyboard that says we need to intervene militarily against Russia. The question is whether those involved believe they will not be affected by such action.

politik u pultu

It is interesting and sad to see how politics can divide an entire nation. Everyone can have an opinion and what they want, but the events of the last few years are evidence to the contrary. There have been several leaked cases of workplace blackmailers threatening to fire people if they vote differently than what is acceptable. And these blackmailers still insist that this is a normal and legitimate way for democracy. But it is not; there were similar practices in Germany in the 1930s. We mourn the horrors of World War II every year, but somehow we quickly forget that similar horrors could happen again through no fault of our own. Electing a president is not just a matter of choosing when to vote in the ballot box. It is not only about the person elected, but more importantly, it is about how we treat each other, which in turn becomes the calling card for society as a whole.