Winter is a frightening season for those who travel by car. Many questions arise about care and maintenance. However, fuel, batteries, and engine oil remain at the forefront. These are the most common, but also the most neglected parts and the cause of some problems. So what should we focus on before winter sets in?

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Winter additives need to be added to diesel engines along with diesel fuel to reduce the normal average -18°C to -32°C freezing. Without it, prolonged freezing could cause the engine to stop running. Winter diesel can be purchased at gas stations. In mountainous areas, you may come across arctic diesel. As for gasoline, it should be able to withstand temperatures down to -45°C, but nothing is compromised by adding gasoline additives.
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It is also important to look at the engine oil and choose one that is not so thickened in winter so that the engine pistons can move easily. However, oil with a high percentage of organic components is not very suitable.

I try to start the car, but the engine will not start. Therefore, if the engine will not start, it is best to stop it after 5 seconds. It is recommended to wait at least 30 seconds before restarting. Otherwise, excessive wear will occur.

If you have no choice but to start the engine in cold weather, where the temperature drops below freezing, do so quietly. The foot on the accelerator should not be heavy and the accelerator should not be close to the floor immediately after starting. This will cause excessive strain and increased fuel consumption. It is recommended that the engine be warmed up gradually, i.e., start the engine, wait a while, and then drive off slowly.

There are several types of antifreeze. We must always choose the one that is best suited for our vehicle, with a mixing tolerance of up to -40°C (-40°F). This is because the fluid itself does not freeze, but it can freeze in the hoses, for example. The same goes for windshield wipers.

Finally, we must not forget the battery. If the electrolyte is sufficient and in good condition, it will function at around -20°C. However, this is not a rule.